Majority of sleepers have a medium firm comfort preference, the sweet spot between soft and firm.

Universal comfort refers to the Sloom Classic mattress that caters for a wide range of sleepers with the added option to turn the mattress to an even firmer comfort preference.

Using high quality pure foam allows us to compress the mattress without damaging the integrity of the foam.

This also increases the overall lifespan of the mattress compared to other brands that doesn’t use pure foam.

Both are premium mattress with superb quality materials.

The Original has a few extra features like comfort adjustability, split partner comfort and overall thicker layers of premium foams. The Classic is a pocket friendlier luxury mattress compared to the Original.

Not yet.

The Sloom base is only available in the grey upholstery as pictured.

The base has 10cm wooden legs. Together with the 25cm frame brings the total height to 35cm.

If you add an Original mattress to that the combined height will be 60cm. Not too high and not too low.

The Sloom mattress is a customizable mattress with four different comfort layers.

That can be rearranged according to the specific firmness that you prefer.

Zip open the cover and rearrange the foam layers so that the one you prefer faces upwards. These layers are clearly marked. Firm, medium firm, medium or soft. So, if you prefer a soft comfort surface place the foam layer marked as soft facing upwards. The sequence of the rest of the foam underneath does not matter.

Browse Sloom to better understand how our mattresses work.

The Sloom Mattress can be used on most modern bases.

Acceptable foundations include, solid wood platforms, Slated bases with slats no less than 5cm in width and gaps no more than 8cm apart, and adjustable bases.

If your foundation can’t keep the mattress leveled while laying on it, it’s not an acceptable base for your Sloom mattress.

The premium quality foam used in the Sloom mattress is durable for up to 150kg per person. Firmness levels will be experienced as softer the heavier the person is.


The Classic mattress is durable to for up to 120Kg per person.

No, every part of our mattresses are locally sources and manufactured.

Our favorite Sloom FAQ! This allows us for stricter quality control. As well as, improving our local economy. Proudly South African.

The root of back pain can be complex and hard to pin point.

It may be a result of an old injury or bad sleeping habits. In that case, no mattress on earth will rectify the problem. Our Sloom Mattresses are made of the best quality materials. They are designed to give your back the needed support while relieving crucial pressure points.

It might take a few nights for your body to adjust from your innerspring mattress to your new Sloom.

Just like the Sloom, any innerspring mattress also have a foam layer for comfort.  The biggest adjustment will be in your head. You will miss the bounce of an innerspring. That is the most noticeable difference.

We do not offer custom sizes.

This a common Sloom FAQ. Unfortunately, no, we cannot offer custom sizes. Sloom does, however,  come in a range of standard sizes for your convenience.

If you’re keeping up to date with our news.

We will advertise all our promotions. Check our website and social media.

In all our mattresses we use virgin foams.

No added fillers to artificially increase the density of the foams. One only has to see how a Sloom mattress fully recovers from a compressed state.  It is a testament to what quality foams we use. All foams where developed and thoroughly tested in partnership with leading international companies.

Generally, memory foam/ viscopedic foam sleeps hot.

The dense foam restricts airflow in the mattress. But we have combined it with high resilience foam to help with overall better airflow. This helps with your temperature regulation.

We are breaking away from the traditional retail experience.

Our main goal is to simplify it. We offer a bed that has 4 different comfort levels. You can choose at home. If you are still not satisfied you may return the mattress for a full refund. Far better than visiting numerous showrooms and laying on different beds.

Foam comes in different densities.

Rule of thumb is that the higher the density the better the quality.

Usually these bath mats are very low-density memory foam and doesn’t last long. We use premium ultra-high-density foams in all our products. You can be sure that your Sloom Mattress will last.

Yes, as the mattress has been sealed in a plastic packaging.

Initially there might be a strong smell emitting from the mattress. This odour is in no way harmful to you or your pets. Don’t worry – it will dissipate after a short period of time.


We do keep stock of all the products. Sometimes during high demand we have had instances where we ran out of stock. To maintain the high quality we don’t allow our products to sit in our warehouse for extended periods of time.

Sloom FAQ: Purchasing & delivery

It is very safe.

We use Payfast for the payment processing. Their very secure infrastructure provides piece of mind for us and our clients. To read more about their security go to

Delivery to your door is free of charge nationwide.

It is our pleasure to answer this Sloom FAQ in a way we know you’ll love! From the southern to the northern tip of South Africa, delivery is fee!

Usually delivery in main centres take between 3 – 5 working days.

Far outlying areas may take a day longer for delivery.


We offer credit through Mobicred. Visit the online portal for more information and how to open an account.

You will have to do an online application through Mobicred which will be processed immediately.

If your application for credit is approved, then you can select Mobicred as a payment method at the checkout process.

Visit the online portal for more information and how to open an account.


All discount codes/coupons and voucher will be applied to your order.

We currently do not offer collection from our warehouse for security reasons.

Although most people are all to happy to wait for their delivery, a few have asked us this Sloom FAQ. We keep our products as secure as possible to ensure end-user quality and therefore we do not offer collection.

We make use of a logistic services provider.

They do not offer removal or setup up services.


We will send you a tracking number after your order has been dispatched from our warehouse.

Sloom FAQ: Post-sale

Tip the box over to its side and pull out the rolled up Sloom mattress onto your chosen base.

Carefully cut and remove the outer plastic wrap. Unroll the Sloom mattress over your base.

Cut the second layer of plastic and let it expand. Remove all the plastic. Make your bed for a good night’s sleep.

The 100-night trial lets you try out the Sloom mattress in the comfort of your own home.

It takes time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. We ask you to spend a minimum of 60 days trying out your Sloom Mattress. Ideally, we would suggest spending 30 day trying a specific firmness. Where after you can change the firmness. If between day 60 and 100 you still not satisfied, we’ll arrange a FREE pick up and refund you in FULL. In most cases, we will either donate it to a local charity or have it recycled.

Visit the 100 nights trial page for more information.

The sleep trial only extends to the original purchaser and proof of purchase must be provided.

The sleep trial will be nullified if:

-the product is found in an unsanitary/stained/burnt/torn or dirty condition.
– the product has been abused or damaged in any way.
-an inappropriate foundation has been used.
– the persons sleeping on the mattress weighs more than the weight limit of that mattress.
The Sleep trial is there to help customers try out the Sloom mattress before committing financially. The sleep trial is not an insurance for damaged goods.

The first 24 months is covered by a full factory guarantee against faulty workmanship and faulty materials.

If, after inspection, the product is found to be defective, Sloom will either repair or replace the product.   This does not include normal wear and tear or customer abuse.

After 24 months, there will be a service charge for repair or replacement of your defective product. The service charge is calculated by dividing the current retail price by the number of years of the warranty which is 20 and then multiplying it by the number of years since purchase date on your original invoice.

For example: Current retail price R8 000 / Service warranty 20 Years = R400

Number of years since purchase date = 4 years

Charge for repair or replacement (R 400 x 4 years) = R1 600

Visit the About page for more information.


There is no need to turn your Sloom Mattress. We recommend rotating the mattress top to bottom now and then.

Besides the 100 Night sleep trial, you may return goods for a full refund within 7 days if unused and still in its original packaging.

A simple Sloom FAQ.
Please note: we do not accept returns if products have been taken out of its compression packaging.

On the Queen and King size mattresses, the inner foam layers are split in half.

Allowing you to adjust the left side to a specific firmness as well as the right side to a different firmness. The split also allows for zero motion transfer. For disturb free sleeping. The thick luxurious cover allows for a seamless transition between the two inner foam layers. So, you won’t feel the groove.

Zip open the cover and rearrange the foam layers.

The one you prefer faces upwards. These layers are clearly marked. Firm, medium firm, medium and soft. So, if you prefer a soft comfort surface place the foam layer marked as soft facing upwards. The sequence of the rest of the foam underneath does not matter.

30 days

Your refund will be processed and issued within 30 days.

In case of:

  1. Injury
  2. Over worked muscles (gym)
  3. Weight gain or loss
  4. Recovering from surgery
  5. Pregnancy


We will never repackage a mattress that has been used and sell it as new. We will either recycle it or donate it to our chosen charity.

Any foundation that doesn’t keep the mattress levelled when slept upon will be deemed unappropriated.

Acceptable foundations include, solid wood platforms, Slated bases with slats no less than 5cm in width and gaps no more than 8cm apart, and adjustable bases.

Yes, The Top White knitted cover of the Sloom Original Mattress is removable and washable.

The bottom grey cover is not washable. The washable cover should not be a replacement for a mattress protector. Excessive washing may decrease the lifespan of your cover.

Wash the top part of your cover in cold water with a mild detergent.

Do not use bleach or harsh stain removers. We recommend that you hang the cover to dry. Do not dry-clean.

We recommend that you use a mattress protector

Protect your mattress against spills and other fluids. A mattress protector increases the lifespan of the mattress.

Your mattress is ready to sleep on immediately

It will take up to 24 hours after decompression to recover fully.

The mattress can stay in its compressed state without compromising the foams for a month.

We recommend that you take the mattress out of the box immediately.

The King Size Extra length has the biggest box with dimensions 190cm x 30cm x 30cm and a weight of 40Kg.

If your car has space for these dimensions, then it will fit in your car.

The Sloom base is very easy to assemble.

You would be able to assemble it by yourself. We recommend two people.