The Best Mattress in South Africa

Most of us start our process of buying a new bed by searching the internet for the best bed or memory foam mattress in South Africa. Usually, it’s just a mess of web pages filled with confusing information.

Here is a quick guide on how to choose the best mattress in South Africa.


Value for money

The first thing is to decide on your budget. Unfortunately, most of us still live in the past when it comes to budget expectations. The same old budget of R1000 gives one a very slim chance of getting a decent bed, let alone the best in the country.

Everyone’s financial situation is unique, but a better perception of the value of a bed in one’s life could help one make a decision effectively. Considering the importance of sleep, investing in a good memory foam mattress goes without saying.

Many of us spend more money on our cell phones than on a good quality bed, the latter having a direct influence on the quality of our lifestyles and our health.

Expert Tip: Bed shops, in general, tend to add quite a significant markup from the factory, understandably so, due to overheads, but buying directly from Sloom allows you to get far better value for your money. 


Comfort preference

Different sleeping styles require different types of firmness levels. Side sleepers typically prefer a softer sleeping surface as this accommodates the natural curve of the spine and maintains proper alignment throughout the night. A firm mattress, on the other hand, will support a stomach sleeper better.

Expert Tip: It’s almost impossible to determine whether the comfort preference is perfect for you by just laying on it for a few minutes in a store. Therefore, the Sloom memory foam mattress is superior to any other memory foam mattress on the market; you can zip open the cover and adjust the sleeping surface firmness at any time. And since you and your partner have different sleeping styles and preferences, you can split the comfort left and right. 


Weight limit

The weight limit is usually an excellent indicator of the quality of the memory foam mattress. The more weight it can hold, the better, even if you don’t come close to exceeding the limit. Better quality materials (in most cases) equal a higher weight limit. The minimum to consider is a 100kg per person weight limit.

Expert Tip: The Sloom Mattress makes use of premium luxury foams that can support up to 150kg. Much more than your average bed. 


Warranty and Guarantee

Another good indication of the quality of the bed is the service warranty the manufacturer is prepared to give the mattress. Each manufacturer has a warranty policy so that I won’t go too much into that, but for this purpose, it’s an effective way to compare different beds and brands. Usually, entry-level mattresses start with a 5-year service warranty, if any, and go up from there. Your top of the range beds typically come with a 20-to-25-year service warranty. If you want more info on what the difference is between a warranty and a guarantee, follow this link.

Expert Tip: Buying directly from Sloom ensures sufficient claim resolution in the event of a defective product, reducing the red tape usually found in such situations. 


Type of Memory Foam Mattress

Every bed on the market consists of foam in the design, even an innerspring mattress. Rule of thumb is the higher the density of the foam, the better the quality. But these technical specifications are not always available to the consumer, especially in South Africa, making it very hard to compare beds. But to simplify things, the highest density foam types usually found in mattresses are memory foam, natural and synthetical latex foam and high resilience foam.

Expert Tip: In the Sloom mattress, we make use of 3 different types of these luxury high-density foams, each with their unique properties. 


Spinal Care

In our first blog post, we discuss how the term orthopaedic is just a marketing term used with little to substantiate it. Instead look at a good quality bed, which supports your spine correctly with premium quality materials.

Expert Tip: Comfort was the focus when designing the Sloom mattress, but rest assured that with the premium materials we used your spine and body will thank you for all the support.


Motion Transfer

If your partner’s midnight movements disturb your sleep, then a bed with minimal motion transfer should be a priority. Beds that reduce motion are pocket spring mattresses and mattresses with foam with a high absorption rate like memory foam.

Expert Tip: We have taken disturbance-free features on step further with split comfort layers on the left and right that move independently from each other. Meaning no motion is transferred to your partner.