Do I have to turn my Sloom Mattress?

No, there is no need to turn your Sloom Mattress, but we recommend rotating the mattress head to foot now and then. 

How Do I Unbox my Sloom Mattress?

Tip the box over to its side and pull out the rolled-up Sloom mattress onto your chosen base.

Carefully cut and remove the outer plastic wrap and unroll the Sloom mattress over your base.

Cut the second layer of plastic and let it expand. Be careful not to cut into the material when cutting through the plastic. Remove all the plastic and make your bed for a good night’s sleep.

Or watch this video for guidance:

manual guide unpack

What would be deemed an inappropriate foundation/base?

Any foundation that doesn’t keep the mattress levelled when slept upon will be deemed unappropriated. Acceptable foundations include solid wood platforms, Slatted bases with slats no less than 5cm in width and gaps no more than 8cm apart, and adjustable bases.