Will the Foam make any body indentations after a while?

We use premium foams that are very durable and has a long lifespan.  Under normal circumstances will not show any indentations for at least 15 Years.  Heavier individuals might see body indentations on the mattress a lot sooner, but if these body indentations are deeper than 25mm, a warranty claim can be made.

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What are the Dimensions of the Sloom mattress?

Single: 91cm x 188cm x 25cm

Three Quarter:  107cm x 188cm x 25cm

Double: 137cm x 188cm x 25cm

Queen: 152cm x 188cm x 25cm

King: 182cm x 188cm x 25cm

All Extra Lengths: 200cm

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Where can I find reviews of your product?

You can read some reviews our customers have written on Google or Facebook on our Reviews page

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How does the split comfort preference work?

The Queen and King size mattresses (including their Extra length options) the inner foam layers are split in half, allowing you to adjust the left side to a specific firmness as well as the right side to a different firmness. The split also allows for zero motion transfer, for disturb free sleeping. The thick luxurious cover allows for a seamless transition between the two inner foam layers. So, you won’t feel the groove.

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How thick is the Sloom Pillow?

Since the memory foam chips can be adjusted to your perfect height by moulding it to the shape of your neck the height can differ between 10cm to 15cm.

Does the Sloom pillow sleep hot?

The Chipped memory foam inner gives you the same comfort and support but with extra breathability, reducing heat build-up in your pillow. 

What makes the Sloom Pillow different?

We only use 100% memory foam for the inner of the Sloom Pillow. We do not add microfiber or any other type of foams to reduce cost. This ensures that quality and comfort is not compromised as well as a pillow that supports you.

Is the headboard included in the base?

You have the option to order the base either with or without the headboard. The headboard is part of the construction of the base.

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Does your mattress have a strong odour? Is there any off-gassing?

As the mattress has been sealed in plastic packaging, initially there might be a strong smell emitting from the mattress. This odour is in no way harmful to you or your pets and will dissipate after a short period of time. 

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My memory foam bathmat didn’t last very long, how do I know your Sloom Memory foam will not do the same?

Foam comes in different densities; rule of thumb is that the higher the density the better the quality. Usually, these bathmats are very low-density memory foam and don’t last long. We use premium ultra-high-density foams in all our products. You can be sure that your Sloom Mattress will last.