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Breaking In Your Mattress

Sep 18, 2021 | By Susan

Like running shoes, your brand new mattress has a break-in period. And yes, it is a thing. Here’s everything you want to know about committing the ultimate sleep crime, “Breaking in your mattress!” (Bond music playing) 

But why?

A brand new mattress has not yet softened and had the time to mold to your body shape and sleeping style. The break-in period not only allows the mattress to soften and contour to your body, but your body also needs time to adjust to a new mattress. Depending on the mattress you had before, your body might have overcompensated to make you feel comfortable. After the break-in period, you will feel the complete and intended comfort of the mattress. 

How long does it take to break in a new mattress?

Break-in times differ for individual mattresses. This is essentially dependent on the type of materials the mattress is made from. High-density memory foam is an excellent example and can take much longer to break in than a traditional beds’ break-in period. The average break-in period is 30 days. However, a high-quality mattress with dense memory foam may take up to 60 days to break in. The foam density is responsible for this, requiring more time for the foam cells to open up.


Top drawer tips for a speedier break-in

Air your mattress

Once your new mattress puffs to life, it may look like it’s ready to use. Often, and in the case of a Sloom mattress, it’s just been freed from being compressed in its packaging. Many new mattresses can give off a slight chemical odor when you first open them, which is normal. In this case, don’t make your bed just yet! Before you throw on your linen, it’s best to give your mattress a few hours to air out. Opening the windows or putting on a fan helps. The smell of a new mattress can have an impact on the quality of your sleep the first night, which can put a damper on your overall feelings about it. So let it breathe first, and then start putting it to the test.

Check your Base 

Make sure your base provides enough support and is the right size for your mattress. An uneven base or insufficient support underneath the mattress can affect how the mattress was intended to be experienced. 

Make time for your new mattress

Sleep on it every night and spend as much time on your new mattress as possible. Read, nap, or work in bed for a few days if you can. All this helps the materials and foam flex for a faster break-in. 

Add some warmth

A warmer room will help soften a mattress, especially in the case of memory foam. 

Add some weight

Now that’s something we don’t often hear! (Laughs) Well, in this case, walking on your bed (this is actually a thing) or adding some books or boxes will help your mattress soften and flex out quicker.


What is the Sloom made of and how many days will it take to break in?

The Sloom mattress is made up of 4 distinct layers of foam. Each foam layer provides a unique firmness intensity. 

The top layer (also the soft layer) of the Sloom mattress, as it comes delivered, is made of ultra-dense memory foam. Then there is the medium layer made from Latex, which has more bounce than other foams and reduces body heat build-up. Next, the firm layer is made of pure high-density foam, which provides a medium-firm feel. And then lastly, the firm layer is also made of pure high-density foam with an increased denseness in this layer. 

All layers of the Sloom mattress are made from high-density foam with no fillers used, which is why we recommend that you give your new Sloom mattress 60 days to break in. 

Due to the quality and density of the foam we use to extend the mattress lifespan, the Sloom mattress requires a longer break-in period. Therefore, our return policy allows customers to return their mattress between 60 and 100 nights of sleeping on their Sloom, which allows sufficient break-in time, reflecting the true feel of the mattress. 


By Michelle Nel for Sloom

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