trial and returns

What makes the Sloom mattress different?

Where are the Sloom products made?

Do you have any showrooms where I can try out the mattress?

Where can I find reviews of your product?


What is the 100-day trial?

How do I know which comfort level to select?

How does the split comfort preference work?

What are pure foams?

With the split foam in the middle, can you feel the ridge?

Can I use my old base for my new Sloom mattress?

What size do your mattresses come in?

Is the split comfort available in all sizes?

Does the compression, when packed, damage the foam?

How can one mattress have four different comfort levels?

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Sloom Original Mattress?

Will the Sloom mattress be the answer to my back pain?

Can I sleep comfortably on a Sloom Mattress if I have always preferred an innerspring mattress?

Can you make the Sloom mattress in custom sizes?

What type of foams do you use in your mattresses and are they tested?

Does the Sloom Mattress sleep hot?

My memory foam bathmat didn't last very long, how do I know your Sloom Memory foam will not do the same?

Does your mattress have a strong odour, is there any off-gassing?

Is the foam used in a Sloom mattress toxic?

What is a Cape Town King size?

How does your mattress differ from a pocket coil mattress?

Do you use natural latex?

How does your memory foam compare to gel memory foam?

How does a comfort exchange work?

Does the mattress work with an adjustable base?

Is your mattress Hypoallergenic?


What makes the Sloom Pillow different?

Does the Sloom pillow sleep hot?

How thick is the Sloom Pillow?

How do I adjust the height and firmness of the Sloom pillow?

Bed frame

Does the bed frame come in different colours?

What is the height of the bed frame?

Is the headboard included in the bed frame?


Can the Mattress topper be used on any Mattress?

What makes the Sloom Mattress Topper different?

Why would you need a mattress topper?

Orders & Delivery

Do you have any showrooms where I can try out the mattress?

Is it safe to buy online?

Do you keep stock of your products?

How much do you charge for delivery?

What is the difference between standard delivery and premium delivery?

How long before I can expect my delivery?

Can I come to collect my order myself?

Do you remove my old mattress?

Can I track my order?

Do you offer an in-home delivery setup?


How Do I Unbox my Sloom Mattress?

How do I change the firmness?

Do I have to turn a Sloom Mattress?

When will I want to change my firmness level?

What is an inappropriate foundation or base for my Sloom Mattress?

Is the Mattress Cover washable?

What are the washing instructions for the removable cover?

Do I need a mattress protector?

How long after I have taken the mattress out of its packaging can I sleep on it?

How long can the mattress stay in a box?

Will I be able to fit the Sloom bed-in-a-box in my car?

Bed frame

Will I be able to assemble the Sloom Bed frame by myself?

Does the 100-night trial period apply to the Sloom Bed frame, Sloom pillow and Mattress Topper?


I have taken my pillow out of its packaging, but it appears flat and hard. What should I do?

How do I adjust my pillow height or firmness?

How do I clean my pillow?


How do I clean my Sloom Mattress Topper?

Trial & Returns

How does the 100 Nights trial work?

What is the process for returning products?

What happens to returned Sloom Mattresses?

Are there any terms & conditions for the 100-night trial?

What is the return policy?

How long will it take to receive the refund?

How does the warranty work?

What do you do with the returned mattresses?