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Mattress Size Guide

Single: 188 x 91 cm

Ideal for children's bedrooms, bunk beds, or small guest rooms where space is limited. It's a compact option for individual sleepers. They are often used to create a king size bed by pushing two sets together.

Three quarter: 188 x 107 cm

Suited for older children, teenagers or students who may need a bit more space than a single mattress provides. It's also a good option for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms. They offer enough space for young adults too, making them a good option for an economical yet acceptable sleeping surface.

Double: 188 x 137 cm

A comfortable choice for single sleepers who prefer more space or for couples who don't mind a snug sleeping arrangement. It's suitable for smaller master bedrooms or guest rooms.

Queen: 188 x 152 cm

A popular choice for couples who want more sleeping space than a double mattress offers. It's also a great option for individuals who enjoy spreading out. Queen-sized beds are versatile and fit well in most bedrooms.

King: 188 x 182 cm

Ideal for couples who want maximum individual sleeping space. King-sized beds are luxurious and great for larger master bedrooms where space is not a constraint.

Cape Town King: 200 x 214 cm

South Africa's largest bed! Suited for those who prioritize ample space for a truly luxurious and indulgent sleep experience and also offers plenty of space for family cuddles. It's an excellent choice for spacious master bedrooms where the focus is on comfort and opulence.

Extra length sizes: 200 cm in length

Most of the sizes are available in an extra length, which is 200 cm long from head to toe. This generally accommodates the taller individual but is also convenient for those of us who have foot sleeping pets.

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