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Sloom Introduces The Biggest Bed In South Africa, The Cape Town King

Dec 16, 2022 | By Susan

An interesting review from Brad inspired founder of Sloom, Rudo Kemp, to create The Cape Town King. 2.14m in width and 2m in length, the Cape Town King is officially the biggest bed in South Africa. “Surprisingly we get a lot of requests for a California King size mattress. Whether this idyllic idea of luxury was promoted by popular media overseas, like Rihanna’s song or that people actually want that size of a bed is uncertain.” says Rudo.

Sloom is well known for its innovative approach to mattresses and believes in the importance of having a well supported night’s rest because when you are well rested, everything else falls into place. The counter to that is simple, a bad night’s sleep can result in a terrible next day! They are the only comfort adjustable bed-in-a-box with customisable comfort layers inside that can be rearranged according to the specific firmness that you prefer – per side. Rudo and his team have invested a lot of time and research into creating the perfect bed! Now, they’ve just made it bigger!

“In 2021 we received a negative review from a customer expressing his unhappiness because we did not offer two, three-quarter extra length mattresses for him to make a Super King. A great idea indeed, the measurements would have been a little off and resulted in a bed 14 cm bigger than a Super King meaning everything from your base, to fitted sheets and duvet sets would have to be custom-made. Thanks to Brad, this got me thinking, why not actually make a unique size for South Africans and give it a lekker local name – The Cape Town King. ” he adds. “We are very consumer-centric, so here you go Brad!” laughs Kemp.

Sloom’s comfort adjustable layers have very specific firmness allocations from soft to extra firm. The Memory foam molds to the body in response to pressure, evenly distributing body weight. This type of memory foam offers incomparable durability and longevity. The cool Latex foam with its superior airflow reduces body heat buildup, resulting in a cooler night’s rest and the Latex foam has more bounce compared to other foams. The high-density layer not only serves as a transitional foam layer but also as a medium firm comfort layer if placed on top with the firm high-density foam serving as the core support of the mattress, but can also serve as the preferred comfort layer, especially for heavier individuals.

Because of its size, the Sloom team now also offers consumers everything to accommodate The Cape Town King; from the Sloom Base and Headboard, King Size Height Adjustable Pillows to 600 thread Cotton Bedding. All cotton sourced has been approved by The Better Cotton Initiative, one of the world’s leading sustainability initiatives.

Similar to their entire range, The Cape Town King will still be delivered in a box straight to your door, and will also offer the 100-night free trial.

The new range will be available online at and includes The Cape Town King and all suited accessories such as the King Size Pillows, Duvet Cover Set, Fitted Sheets and Duvet Inner. The new bedding range will launch in all their bed sizes on offer from Single straight through to the newly launched Cape Town King.

The price for the Cape Town King Mattress is R16 000; that is a cost-to-sleep investment of R0.22 per day over a 10 year period. 

Fun Fact: The Cape Town King is even bigger than the California King.

Brad, is this big enough?

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