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What Makes For The Best Memory Foam Mattress?

Oct 1, 2018 | By Rudo

You don’t have to be in the bedding industry to have heard of memory foam, either positive or negative. The market has become entirely swamped with every other bed now consisting of memory foam in some form or the other. But hopefully, with this article, we can guide you to make an informed decision in searching for the best memory foam mattress.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam or Viscoelastic foam is a type of polyurethane foam with pressure-sensitive body moulding properties. It can be identified by its slow rebound after pressure has been applied. It was developed under a contract from NASA for the US space program back in the 1960s.

The best memory foam

Many people with negative opinions about memory foam are those who compare it to a memory foam bath mat. That, or a cheap memory foam pillow from China. But it is essential to understand that there are different types of memory foams out there, and some of them lack the quality associated with memory foam.

Memory foams are generally high in density. To save on cost some manufacturers produce a lower density memory foam and market it under the same name. These type of memory foams are less durable and offer less support than high-density memory foam. In our Sloom mattresses, we use a 55 kg/m3 memory foam, providing the most comfort, durability and pressure relief memory foam has to offer.

Sleeping hot

Due to memory foam’s high density, restricted airflow causes heat to build up inside the foam, causing it to heat up. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of memory foam. Development of memory foam through the years has improved the “openness” of the foam somewhat but still trails behind other foams.

With the Sloom mattress, the design allows for better airflow due to the combination of very breathable foams with memory foams. This design will enable us to take the advantages of memory foam with less heat accumulation.

Strong odours

Some memory foam mattresses have a strong scent after taking it out of its packaging. Not to worry, this off-gassing will dissipate with time, usually within a day or two. These gases are not harmful in memory foam beds, just irritating. We make extra sure that our mattresses cure appropriately before packaging it, reducing any chemical smells.

Other benefits of a memory foam mattress

Not only is memory foam excellent for pressure point relief and spine support, but motion transfer is drastically reduced, resulting in a disturbance-free sleep.

Generally, the lifespan of a memory foam mattress is significantly longer than other types of mattresses, but this can also be influenced by a few factors like the quality and density. The Sloom Mattresses only use premium memory foam, so you know you’ll have a product that lasts.

In conclusion, memory foam is one of the best foams if not the best foam on the market with its pros far outweighing its cons. With innovative design and premium quality materials, these negative aspects can be drastically reduced if not avoided altogether.

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